Animal House Kitchen Gadgets

Animal House is a line of cute animal related kitchen gadgets that are well made and cute. Replace those boring tools with these and you’ll be smiling every time you open a can with a toucan or slicing pizza with a fish. All of these tools are dishwasher safe and feel as good in your hand as they look.

Toucan the can opener

Animal House Toucan Can Opener

Piranha the pizza cutter

Watch your fingers around this guy!

Animal House Piranha Pizza Cutter

Hang in there monkey peeler

Animal House Monkey Peeler

Whale tail ice cream scooper

Animal House Whale Ice Cream Spade

Birdie vegetable peeler

Animal House Bird Peeler

Angel Fish colander

Boston Warehouse Angelfish Colander

Walrus crumb sweeper

Boston Warehouse Mini-Sweep, Walrus

Hummingbird Apple Corer

Animal House Hummingbird Apple Corer

Swordfish Bread Knife

Animal House Swordfish Bread Knife

Woodpecker Scissors

Animal House Woodpecker Scissors

Porcupine scrubber

Boston Warehouse Scrubber, Porcupine

Bluebird Bottle Opener

Boston Warehouse Bluebird Corkscrew

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