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This is how you do Thanksgiving leftovers

Don’t tell me your planning on buying a bunch of blah plastic containers for your Thanksgiving leftovers. That’s about as boring as stapling your guests to their chairs and forcing them to watch an Everyone Loves Raymond marathon.
Set of 24 Thanksgiving Leftover Containers Holiday Leftovers in Style

What you really need is this set of Thanksgiving leftovers containers. They’re far from boring, in fact, it would be like having Prince doing a 20 minute jam set on the table while covered in cranberry sauce.

Casabella does one thing with pizzazz

There are two types of gadget collectors. Some follow the Alton Brown school of kitchen gadgets that mock single use tools. Then there are others that embrace objects that do a single task, but do it with style.

Should your Juicy Salif mash potatoes and hull strawberries? Or is it ok for it to sit on your counter looking pretty; waiting for the occasional juicing? Casabella subscribes to this school of thought. They’ve got an assortment of fabulous and specialized gadgets.

Casabella Apple Corer

This bright green apple corer will help you make fast progress through a bushel of apples as you make a pie and quarts of apple butter.
Casabella Apple Corer


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The Sriracha Cookbook: 50 “Rooster Sauce” Recipes that Pack a Punch

What’s your favorite hot sauce? Some swear by SLAP YA MAMA . Tabasco is the old standby. Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce is arguably the best from south of the border. But nothing compares to the spicy rooster known as Sriracha.

Marmite – the Devil’s Goo

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Have you ever tasted hell? You know, that fire pit of regret?

Marmite yeast extract in 125g jar

Maybe you didn’t grow up in a country with a queen. And I’m not talking about the sassy ones with mustaches.

Marmite is 100% devil spawn. It’s a yeasty jam that parents force feed their children because it’s the only form of torture allowed in the Geneva Accord.

The ultimate bread machine by Zojirushi

To borrow a phrase from Oldsmobile, the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker is not your father’s bread machine. This thing is like P Diddy, it’s got a devoted possy of bread loving moms.

Zojirushi BB-CEC20WB Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Breadmaker, White

This bread machine has features you won’t find in lesser bread machines. You can even use it to make meatloaf and strawberry jam. It’s got a rectangular bowl and two mixers to create large, perfectly baked loafs. It has 10 pre-programmed settings, 3 crust shades, LCD control panel and a 13-hour delay timer.

Here’s a review of the machine by

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These ants are your picnic’s friends

While the rest of the country is fighting snow, we are having a downright balmy winter in California. We’re starting to forget it’s too early for picnics and trips to the beach. But there’s a problem with a picnic in winter: wind bursts.

These little ants will work hard to make sure your picnic table is not disturbed by the breezes. Just clip them to the table cloth and their weight will keep it from flapping in the wind like Aunt Melba’s arms.

Ant Shaped Table Cloth Weights

If you like these little guys, you’ll love their big brother salt and pepper shakers

Thrill of the Grill Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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