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This is how you do Thanksgiving leftovers

Don’t tell me your planning on buying a bunch of blah plastic containers for your Thanksgiving leftovers. That’s about as boring as stapling your guests to their chairs and forcing them to watch an Everyone Loves Raymond marathon.
Set of 24 Thanksgiving Leftover Containers Holiday Leftovers in Style

What you really need is this set of Thanksgiving leftovers containers. They’re far from boring, in fact, it would be like having Prince doing a 20 minute jam set on the table while covered in cranberry sauce.

Southern Cakes: DIY or UPS

Sky high, multilayered cakes are a traditional dessert in the South. This book on Southern Cakes gives you great recipes and includes the stories and traditions behind cakes, such as the Tennessee stack cake.

Southern Cakes: Sweet and Irresistible Recipes for Everyday Celebrations


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Celebrate your Moon Pie love

You know you love the combination of graham cracker cookies and marshmallow cream covered with decadent pseudo-chocolate. You know you love to share this forbidden love with your neighbors and friends. You know you’d love to have this sign in your kitchen to express your everlasting love for Moon Pies.

Moon Pie Best Lunch Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign

You sick bird.

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Hot tub tea infuser

We all know what happens when you sit in a hot tub. The juices start flowing and the water becomes flavored with winky tink tea. Fred and Friends know this too well and have introduced the greatest tea strainer of all time.

Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser

Mr Tea Infuser has a set of bloomers that will hold your tea safe and sound. Simply drop him in a cup of hot water and watch the juices flow from his pants. Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

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The Croswell Red Phone for Retro Rings

There was a time when we’d hang out by the toaster oven, twisting the cord of a phone that hung on the kitchen wall. We’d stick our fingers in holes an slide the dial as we mimicked Lily Tomlin’s “one ringy dingy, two ringy dingy’s, …”

retro Crosley 302 Red Wall Phone (CR55-RE)

This phone can bring you back to those days. However, they’ve replaced the dial with convenient push buttons to make your ringy dingy’s just a wee bit less tactile. It’ll still look great on the kitchen wall.

The Crosley 302 Phone returns to the wall in this Henry Dreyfuss tribute. Dreyfuss, considered a brilliant industrial designer, worked with Bell Telephone Laboratories designing telephones that were sensitive to consumers’ desire to suit a variety of home environments. Well known for the 302 style Desk Phone, he later shifted his design efforts to include this wall unit allowing consumers to walk with the phone while cradling it on their shoulder. This unified and balanced form replaced the awkward and ungainly shapes of earlier models. Would you believe Dreyfuss actually used measurements from over 2000 faces to determine the distance between the average mouth and ear? The Crosley 302 Wall Phone features the nostalgic rotary dial but actually functions with push button technology. No more waiting for that rotary dial to make its excruciating slow rotation.

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Me bear… you meat. Me tear you apart!

Are you a bigger man than a grizzly bear? How about a sun bear? Are you more like a gummy bear?

You can flex your inner bear, no matter how small it may be, with these bear paw forks. You can use these bear paw forks to viciously rip apart roasted chickens, raw beef, or serve a nice quiche with some Chianti.

Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks

You’re not limited to just big hunks of pork butts. This reviewer on Amazon has some other ideas:

Woo, doggie! These would also be great as self defense tools…kind of like brass knuckles, but, presumably, legal. Spikes in the eyes, ears, throat, nads, head, etc. It should provide great “reasoning” advantage with perps. Hey, grab a pork butt or a spike a perp…what a multi-function tool, people!

Find out the real deal with this video.

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