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The king of all ice cubes

Don’t just stand there pressing the ice dispensers handle. Are you really going to use some boring, anonymous ice in that drink? Open the freezer and pop out one of these monster cubes.
Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray - Stratus Blue

The Tovolo King ice cube tray creates Uncle Joe’s big ol’ ice cube to make your booze chill without getting watered down. These trays also come in a wide spectrum of colors, just in case you want a rainbow explosion when you are thirsty.

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Riedel bottle and carafe cleaning beads

I worked at McDonalds like every other pimply teenager. At night we were supposed to clean the coffee pots. I say supposed to because like every other pimply teenager we liked to cut corners on things like cleanliness. Don’t even get me started on the 50 gallon iced tea thing… *shudder*.

When we did get around to cleaning the glass pots we used a bunch of ice cubes and salt. Sometimes the simplest things do the best job.

Those days are in the past. Our coffee pots are now designer lead crystal carafes. The salty ice just won’t cut it any more. Luckily Riedel has created a set of small stainless steel balls that will clean your carafe when combined with plain water.

Riedel Bottle Cleaner Beads 1.75-Inch, Black Container with Lid

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most innovative, and Riedel’s bottle cleaner beads are a case in point. These small, smooth stainless steel balls submerge in water where they sink to the bottle’s hard-to-reach corners and bottom. When the bottle is gently agitated, the balls create fiction against the hard surfaces, knocking off unwanted residue and providing an even, streak-free cleaning. No more risking cutting hands or accidental breaks! These beads work perfectly in narrow-necked bottles, vases, or any irregularly shaped glass piece.

When not in use, they store in a handsome and convenient black plastic jar with a screw-off lid and the words “Bottle Cleaner” in crisp, white lettering. This handy item makes a great add-on gift with glassware and decanters.
Kara Karll

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The most useless thing in the world

I’ve been wracking my poor little brain trying to figure out who created this beast. First, who could possibly hate fudge? Second, why would you tell people you hate fudge while keeping your beer cold at the monster truck race.

I Hate Chocolate fudge beer cozie

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Bob the big mouthed bass likes your Coke

This big mouth bass will keep your soda cold while you ply the mighty rivers. He’ll even do the same for the beer you take to the weekend softball game with the boys.

Bass Can Cooler Holder

Don’t forget his buddy the trout

Trout Fish Can Cooler Holder

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Bongzilla gets 6 people drunk at the same time

There’s nothing worse than having a party where people take their dear sweet time getting completely wasted. Speed up the process with the Bongzilla beer bong. The bikini clad woman is not included.

Bongzilla Beer Bong with 6 Tubes

Simply pour a dozen cans of your cheapest beer in the top, get 6 friends to stand around the pole, and then let it all go, go, go.

It’s a regular bong-apalooza.

Uncork your champagne with this Italian saber

Champagne is THE drink for celebrations. There’s no better way to start the awards than uncorking the bubbly with a swift slice with this Italian made champagne saber.

Del Ben Champagne Saber

The saber makes it pretty easy to uncork. But you’ll want to practice before the big event.

how to use the Saber to open a bottle of champagne

Pretty soon you’ll be sabering your champagne with the best of them.

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