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Marmite – the Devil’s Goo

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Have you ever tasted hell? You know, that fire pit of regret?

Marmite yeast extract in 125g jar

Maybe you didn’t grow up in a country with a queen. And I’m not talking about the sassy ones with mustaches.

Marmite is 100% devil spawn. It’s a yeasty jam that parents force feed their children because it’s the only form of torture allowed in the Geneva Accord.

Porsche knives are on the cutting edge

Most people know Porsche for their cars. But did you know they also design products for various companies? These products are loved for attention to detail and revolutionary shapes and ergonomics. This knife is a good example of creating a knife that is exceptionally sharp and comfortable. It also has a distinct Porsche look.

Chroma Type 301 Designed By F.A. Porsche 10 Inch Chef Knife

Cutting with a Chroma Type 301 knife is like driving a Porsche, and for good reason. Designed by Ferdinand A. Porsche (the designer of the Porsche 911) with input from renowned Austrian chef Jörg Wörther, Chroma Type 301 cutlery excels in both performance and looks. Sleek and sexy, each knife looks like one seamless piece, but the blade and handle are actually different types of steel. The blade is crafted of superfine Japanese 301 steel and hand-sharpened into an acutely sharp angle for precision cutting. The handle is made of durable 18/10 stainless steel, triangular in profile and flat-topped for leverage, a totally unique and ergonomic design. Announcing the transition spot between handle and blade is a metal “pearl” that lets the fingers know their position, in place of a bolster. The comfort and control, not to mention the spectacular visual appeal, of a Chroma Type 301 knife have made ardent converts of many chefs worldwide.

Ann Bieri

If you like the type 301, you’ll also be tempted to get the other knives in this set.

Paring Knife

This Chroma Type 301 paring knife features a sharply pointed 3-1/4-inch blade, ideal for peeling fruit, sculpting veggie garnishes, and removing blemishes from potatoes, pears, and avocadoes. Weighty for its size and well-balanced, this knife comes in handy for all sorts of kitchen uses, and will bring you years of pleasure.

Chroma 3-1/4-Inch Paring Knife

Carving fork and knife

Chroma by F. A. Porsche Type 301 Carving Fork and 8-Inch Chef's Knife

The complete knife set

Get the most popular knifes in one package and save some money at the same time. You get 7 knives plus the block. Amazon currently has this at 35% off.

Chroma Type 7-Piece Knife Set with Block

Here’s a short and noisy video that shows you how thin these knives can cut a tomato.

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Pasta bowls with clean lines and large portions

These pasta bowls by Emile Henry will soon become your favorite dishes in the house. Their simple lines make them inviting to hold and the classic colors make your dishes look as delicious s they taste.

Emile Henry Couleurs Individual Pasta Bowl

Emile Henry Individual Pasta Bowls, Set of 2, Cerise Red

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Uncork your champagne with this Italian saber

Champagne is THE drink for celebrations. There’s no better way to start the awards than uncorking the bubbly with a swift slice with this Italian made champagne saber.

Del Ben Champagne Saber

The saber makes it pretty easy to uncork. But you’ll want to practice before the big event.

how to use the Saber to open a bottle of champagne

Pretty soon you’ll be sabering your champagne with the best of them.

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Make your own fresh mozzarella

I remember the first time I saw someone make fresh mozzarella on television. I think it was the Barefoot Contessa or Martha Stewart who hosted a fabulous dinner with an A-list gay couple in upper state New York.

One of the guys nonchalantly said “honey we are about to make some mozzarella, do you want to join us?”. He then reached into a bowl of cloudy water, pulled out a hunk of white goo, and with a few twists there was a shiny ball of mozzarella.

It was magic. How could it be so easy to create cheese? How could I do that?

How to make fresh Mozzarella

This video shows you what went into making that cloudy water full of squishy gems.

Mozzarella making kits

These kits include everything but the milk to make fresh mozzarella for your next soiree. They include instructions, rennet, thermometers, and other ingredients.

Roaring Brook Dairy Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit

This kit includes more supplies so you can create many batches of mozzarella and ricotta cheese.

Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit

The mozzarella action figure

Pretty soon you’ll be the main mozzarella manufacturer on the block. You may need some protection from the throngs of people at your door. You’ll need to get the Moofia Mozzarella to guard your back.

The Moofia Mozzarella

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Electric Raclette Grill for a Sophisticated Super Bowl Party

There’s more to a Super Bowl party than chicken wings and Fritos. How about placing this electric raclette grill on your table and encourage people to discuss the game while preparing their grilled goodies?

Trudeau 1200 Watt Aluminum Rockin' Grill Party Grill Set, Set of 19-Pieces

Raclettes are the sister to Swiss Fondue pots. Instead of creating a melted cheese sauce you place individual chunks of cheese in the grill to melt. These are eaten with bread, potatoes, and various cured meats and such.

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