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Surprise your honey with this hearty cake

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to bake your honey something that rocks their house. Surprise them with this set of cake pans that create a hidden heart with every slice.

Tasty-Fill Cake Pan Set-Heart 8.25 -Inch by 2.25-Inch

This kit has two pans, which create the top and bottom sections of the heart. After baking your cake layers, you fill the cake void with your favorite frosting, stack, frost, and enjoy.

Add Unicorn Flavor to your Cupcakes

Take your cupcakes to the next level with sprinkles straight from the back of a pretty, little unicorn. Both children and adults delight in the sugary goodness from our sparkly ponies.

The reviews for this fabulous product are glowing

It is a unicorn that farts sprinkles…What else need be said?

A must buy for any guy with a princess. 🙂
David Avery – Amazon

Sprinkle joy with the Unicorn rainbow shaker

This sparkle unicorn may inspire you enough to bake a full cake.

Cooking with Poo

Cooking with Poo Saiyuud DiwongMost people would prefer to avoid eating crap. Which is ironic, since there are so many restaurants serving crappy food. Just watch a random episode of a Guy Fieri show and the dung will be flying.

So, why would you want to buy a classy poo cookbook? Perhaps because the title is misleading and this poo is actually the talented chef Poo. That doesn’t mean this book isn’t a great kick to have on the coffee table when dinner guests arrive.

To finish the night, you should pour some crappy wine and watch the movies:

Simply Adorable Basil

Egglings are adorable little seed bombs that make it easy to grow your own herb garden.

Eggling - Crack & Grow - Basil

Simply crack the little egg, add some water, and start planning your next plate of pesto pasta. Or at least that is the concept. Growing basil within eggs may not be what it’s cracked up to be.

To me it was a waste of money time and resources. DO NOT BUY. Get a plant from a florist or even from Home Depot- it’ll be better than this piece of crap.
Arielle Gray

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Terrible Christmas Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, I always believe you should give something people don’t know they want or need. In fact, the more they don’t want or need a gift, the better. Trust me, I’ve become an expert on giving stuff that people don’t want or need. So with this in mind, here are some really good gifts for Christmas. or Kwanzaa. or Valentines Day. or whatever.

Chocolate covered insects

Imagine the look of confusion. It’s chocolate, so it’s tasty. It’s got 6 legs, so it’s icky. It’s icky tasty.

Chocolate Covered Insects

Bodily Fluids

Put the Xmas in Exploring bodily fluids. Perhaps you are still recovering from the ReSearch book on Modern Primitives that you received for your 3rd birthday.

The Re/Search Guide to Bodily Fluids

Extra nasty Marmite

It’s hard to imagine something worse than eating Marmite, but they’ve upped it with extra old bottles of the gross goo. Get extra points for forcing your gift recipient to eat this blind folded.
Limited Edition Marmite XO Extra Old Matured longer for a stronger taste 250g jar in Gift box

Moons over my hammy

Mooning gnome. What more could you ask for?
Big Mouth Toys The Mooning Garden Gnome Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Canned Snake

Just remind them that “Smoked Rattlesnake Is A True Western Delicacy. Cooked In A Tantalizing Smoke Sauce, You Will Amaze Your Friends And Family With This Exotic Treat!”
Yeah, they’ll believe that!

SMOKED RATTLESNAKE- Exotic Gourmet Canned Wild Game Meat

Marshmallow Penis Treats

You know that prudish aunt who is so uptight she poops diamonds? Put this under the tree for a good suprise
Marshmallow Willies

Grandma’s Farts candle

You’ll always know who farted with this candle. Give this one to Grandpa and he’ll thank you profusely for the eternal excuse.

Yank Me Candle Grandma's Fart Candle (Scented)

The king of all ice cubes

Don’t just stand there pressing the ice dispensers handle. Are you really going to use some boring, anonymous ice in that drink? Open the freezer and pop out one of these monster cubes.
Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray - Stratus Blue

The Tovolo King ice cube tray creates Uncle Joe’s big ol’ ice cube to make your booze chill without getting watered down. These trays also come in a wide spectrum of colors, just in case you want a rainbow explosion when you are thirsty.

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