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Picnics are a breeze with this collapsible cooler

It’s raining today in the San Francisco Bay Area. Perhaps it’s snowy or dry but blustery in your neck of the woods. Picnics are a mere fantasy on days like these. But as they say, fantasies do come true.
Kelty Folding Cooler (Forest green)

Me bear… you meat. Me tear you apart!

Are you a bigger man than a grizzly bear? How about a sun bear? Are you more like a gummy bear?

You can flex your inner bear, no matter how small it may be, with these bear paw forks. You can use these bear paw forks to viciously rip apart roasted chickens, raw beef, or serve a nice quiche with some Chianti.

Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks

You’re not limited to just big hunks of pork butts. This reviewer on Amazon has some other ideas:

Woo, doggie! These would also be great as self defense tools…kind of like brass knuckles, but, presumably, legal. Spikes in the eyes, ears, throat, nads, head, etc. It should provide great “reasoning” advantage with perps. Hey, grab a pork butt or a spike a perp…what a multi-function tool, people!

Find out the real deal with this video.

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Summer Picnic Basket for the Silverware

It’s summer time and are you ready for the upcoming picnics? You’ll need a blanket, some barbecue goodies, something to keep the ants away, and this cool silverware caddy.

Hand Woven Split Willow Caddy For Picnic and Outdoors - Holds Flatware & Napkins

It’s made out of hand woven split willow and has room for your knives, forks, spoons, and napkins.

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Big ol’ lobster pot for the summer beach parties

This big pot is perfect for a lobster and/or clam bake on the beach. You’ll relive your Martha Stewart fantasies as you drop the little critter(s) into the pot and ignore the little screams.

Graniteware 3-Piece 19-Quart Clam and Lobster Steamer with Faucet SetStockpots)

Start by adding water to the bottom section. The top section will let your meal steam perfectly. The tap at the bottom is to drain the resulting broth.

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These ants are your picnic’s friends

While the rest of the country is fighting snow, we are having a downright balmy winter in California. We’re starting to forget it’s too early for picnics and trips to the beach. But there’s a problem with a picnic in winter: wind bursts.

These little ants will work hard to make sure your picnic table is not disturbed by the breezes. Just clip them to the table cloth and their weight will keep it from flapping in the wind like Aunt Melba’s arms.

Ant Shaped Table Cloth Weights

If you like these little guys, you’ll love their big brother salt and pepper shakers

Thrill of the Grill Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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