You don’t have to be Fat, Sick, or Nearly Dead to use these juicers

Diet fads come and go. Remember the Beverly Hills Diet, the peanut butter and beet diet, the cabbage soup diet, or Atkins? We’ve done some crazy things to lose weight over the years.

Juice fasting is the latest trend in losing weight. But this is more than dropping pounds, it’s more like a nutritional holiday for your body.

Juice fasting popularity has been sparked by the inspiring documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Joe Cross takes us on a journey as he fasts for 60 days and gets others to join the juice parade.

Start with the Juicers

You’ll want a good centrifugal juicer for fasting. Look for one that has a big opening, is easy to clean, and extracts the most juice from your fruit. The Breville and Cuisinart juicers are going to be the best choices.

After researching the choices, I chose the Cuisinart CJE-1000 1000-Watt 5-Speed Juice Extractor. The large opening saves you from excessive chopping, it breaks down into just a few dishwasher safe pieces, and you’ll find the pulp to be pretty dry with the majority of juice in the container, waiting to be enjoyed.

Equipped with a 1000-watt powerful motor, this easy-to-use juice extractor makes it exceptionally convenient to enjoy fresh, healthy fruit and vegetable juice from the comfort of home. The unit’s large 3-inch feeding chute can accommodate whole apples, pears, and other large-size fruits and vegetables (extra-large items may need to be cut into smaller pieces first).

The other popular choice is the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juicing Machine. This powerful juicer plays a starring role in the documentary.

Enjoy the superior flavor and nutrition of freshly juiced fruits and vegetables with this countertop juicing machine. Simple to operate, the 850-watt unit features an extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute that accommodates even large chunks or entire pieces of fruit or vegetables, which means less chopping beforehand. Just place a glass or small pitcher under the spout, insert the desired produce, and gently press down using the included pusher. The juicer’s ingenious dual-speed motor and powerful stainless-steel cutting disc quickly and effortlessly extract the juices from a variety of foods, including soft melon and cucumbers or rind-on pineapple, thick-skinned apples, and carrots. In fact, it can produce 8 ounces of juice from whole apples in just five seconds. Choose high speed (12,000 RPMs) for denser fruits and harder vegetables and low speed (6,500 RPMs) for leafy vegetables and soft fruit. The machine comes equipped with a large-capacity pulp collector, which captures the maximum amount of bitter pulp, seeds, and skin to yield smooth, delicious juice. Other highlights include a handsome heavy-grade polymer exterior, a safety locking arm, overload protection LED to protect the motor, and top-shelf dishwasher-safe removable parts for quick cleanup.

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor (Kitchen)

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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (DVD)

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Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor (Kitchen)

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