Fun kitchen toys for the little chefs in your house

These toys are great for the budding chefs in your home. Mix and match the ingredients, ovens, and tools to create the ultimate kid cuisine.

This Educo workspace is the perfect wood role-playing kitchen for one or more chefs. Included is a see-through door, cupboard or “refrigerator”, cook top, sink and utensil rack. Possible entries include fired eggs, pizza, and many other culinary delights. This 30-piece set includes vegetables, bread, pots, pans, utensils, and salt and pepper.

Educo My Creative Cookery Club

Breakfast time

You’ll need this toaster for breakfast.

Plan Toy Toaster Oven

Here’s the complete English breakfast menu

Plan Toys Plan Toy Breakfast Menu

Tea Time

Toy Tea serving Set

Teatime toy tea bags for children by Haba

Groceries to play with

Plan Toy Food and Beverage Set

children's toy icecream treats

Haba Soft Petit Fours Set of 9 Dessert Toys

children's toy Ravioli set by biofino

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