Make your iced tea more flavorful with this infusion pitcher

There are many iced tea pitchers in the kitchen universe. Most are basic containers that provide a sturdy handle, sized to fit the fridge, and do the basic job of holding and pouring your favorite iced tea. But most don’t do anything to make your tea actually taste better.

This pitcher includes a chamber for fruits, herbs, and aromatics that add flavors to your teas as they chill in the fridge.

Fruit Infusion Pitcher

You can also use this with water instead of tea.

This product makes it fun to drink more water. There are so many things you can put in the infuser. Try fresh rosemary, lavender, or cucumber. The possibilities are endless. It also makes a great table decoration. The flavor infusion is just right, not too strong. I really like flavoring my water this way rather than drinking artificial flavorings.

Fun to drink water – Susan J. Krones

Here’s another variation by Bodum. It doesn’t look as dramatic but still gives you the great flavor.

Bodum Ceylon 102-Ounce Iced-Tea Maker and Water Infuser

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