Kitchen gadgets for blind and low vision chefs

When I’m not thinking about food, writing about food, or eating food… I work for a major internet company that starts with the letter Y. I build web sites that are accessible to everyone, including the blind, deaf, and those with physical limitations.

I found this video about cooking with low vision on the Food Network. It’s an interesting glimpse into how one person was able to gain independence via education and some ingenious gadgets.

Featured Products

The talking microwave

A notched knob guides the user to setting the cooking time and when you push a button on it, asks you to set the minutes and then the seconds.

Talking Microwave by Hamilton Beach Microwave - Model 564206

Braille labels for the freezer

Three lines can be Brailled on each plastic label which has an elastic band to hold it around the can or freezer package.

Braillable Freezer Labels - 50 per pack

Say When liquid level device

Just hang this on cup/glass lip and pour with complete assurance. Say When will sound to alert you when liquid level nears top.

Say When Liquid Level Indicator

Talking kitchen timer

This talking timer has three independent functions. It allows you to use, simultaneously or independently, the count-up timer, talking count-down timer and the talking clock.

Many devices and design patterns have been invented for the disabled only to find mass appreciation amongst the entire population.

Think of the raised buttons on your keyboard’s j and f keys or the widely popular curb cutouts at street corners. While you may not be visually impaired today; some of these gadgets will also be great for the older population or those that multi-task in the kitchen.

Magnefying Aids has many other items available for the visually impaired.

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