Nespresso Coffee Pod Organizers and Racks

Did you get a new Nespresso coffee maker for Christmas? Are you trying to figure out how to store and organize those colorful pods? Here are some options.

Carousel Pod Tree

At under $24, this is one of the more affordable options. It also displays the pods with the label facing up. So you can read the flavor rather than depending on the hue.

Carousel Tree for Nespresso Espresso Coffee Capsules

Minimalist Pod Rack

This coffee pod grid converts your coffee into a minimalist work of art. It can stand by itself or hang from a rack system.

Rosle Nespresso Coffee Capsule Rack

Coffee and Sugar Together

This storage tower has a center section for holding your sugar Sweet’n Low.

Brabantia 418709 Nespresso Coffee Capsule Dispenser- Matte Steel Finish- Pack of 2

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