Start off the New Year by Eating Cupcakes

Making a resolution to lose weight is soooo boring. Break that pattern by shoving cupcake after cupcake in your mouth on New Years Eve. And make them extra fancy with these cupcake wrappers.

Make them festive with these Happy New Years wrappers by Dress My Cupcake, the leading cupcake decoration makers.

Dress My Cupcake Happy New Year Cupcake Wrappers, Set of 12

Personally, I would rather keep them a bit more elegant with these silver and gold cupcake wrappers. Not because I’m elegant, rather I’m too cheap to buy a set for each holiday. I can stuff my face with these for just about any holiday.

Dress My Cupcake New Year's Eve Cupcake Wrappers, Set of 24

Are you looking for something to bake in these? Try these Pretty in Pink Strawberry Champagne Cupcakes or Champagne Cupcakes with Italian Buttercream from the Food Network.

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