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The most useless thing in the world

I’ve been wracking my poor little brain trying to figure out who created this beast. First, who could possibly hate fudge? Second, why would you tell people you hate fudge while keeping your beer cold at the monster truck race.

I Hate Chocolate fudge beer cozie

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Bob the big mouthed bass likes your Coke

This big mouth bass will keep your soda cold while you ply the mighty rivers. He’ll even do the same for the beer you take to the weekend softball game with the boys.

Bass Can Cooler Holder

Don’t forget his buddy the trout

Trout Fish Can Cooler Holder

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Bongzilla gets 6 people drunk at the same time

There’s nothing worse than having a party where people take their dear sweet time getting completely wasted. Speed up the process with the Bongzilla beer bong. The bikini clad woman is not included.

Bongzilla Beer Bong with 6 Tubes

Simply pour a dozen cans of your cheapest beer in the top, get 6 friends to stand around the pole, and then let it all go, go, go.

It’s a regular bong-apalooza.

South Africa’s World Cup 2010 commemorative beer glasses

It’s not too late to celebrate your favorite World Cup 2010 team with these beer glasses.
Unique Trophy Glass with 2010 FIFA World Cup Emblems - SET of 4

The glasses reflect the shape of the World Cup trophy and include the logo. Vuvuzelas are not included.

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Dad’s favorite beer mugs are from Italy

These Italian made beer mugs put the gusto in your goblet. The hefty glass keeps the brew cold while the shape keeps the bubbles where they should be.

Bormioli Rocco Amadeus 17-Ounce Harmonia Beer Mug, Set of 4

Get this cool Peroni tshirt to have the ultimate Italian beer moment.
Peroni Italy Men's T-Shirt

This may wet your appetite.

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Man Cave crapola for the manly kitchen

I visited two of my sisters earlier this month in North Carolina. I was surprised to find out that people over there actually use the term “man cave” without laughing. It’s a serious thing! I thought it was just a joke.

I still can’t imagine needing a man cave, but then I don’t drive an SUV, own a gun, or struggle to find the pants in the morning.

But maybe there’s something to this man cave experience. What room couldn’t use a jolt of over-produced manly halmark sentiment? Can we call it manmark? Here are some man cave items that will turn your kitchen into a man kitchen. I still can’t say that without chuckling.

Mark your territory

Rule number one is apparently the need to let everyone know that you’ve got a man cave and they are standing in it. So get yourself a big neon sign.

Cave Man Neon Sign

You don’t want anyone to forget whose man cave they are visiting. So grab a personalized man cave banner.

Man Cave Personalized Sign

A place to sit

You’ll need some stools, the uglier the better. We don’t want any style, that wouldn’t be man cavely. Nope, grab some faux-tacky bar stools.
2 MAN CAVE Automobile Vintage Muscle Car 29  Specialty Chrome Barstools Bar Stools


What’s more manly than relaxing in your man kitchen? Can we call it a mantchen? Relaxing in your mantchen with beer. Lots of beer. Lot’s of beer in your manly kegerator!

Mini Kegerator Refrigerator and Draft Beer Dispenser - EdgeStar

It’s a mantchen, make some beer!

Coopers Brewery Micro Brewery Kit

Don’t forget the wine, you’ll need to hide a bottle or two for when your man friends aren’t around and the woman invades the space.

Decorative Metal Wine Rack (Handcrafted - Reclining Man)

Time to accessorize!

Remember what Christopher Lowell says, it’s time to add that final layer of design.

Nothing scream man cave more than a Wonder Woman cookie jar.

Wonder Woman Bust Figural Sculpted Ceramic Cookie Jar - New Gift

It’s always beer drinking time with this man cave clock

MAN CAVE ~Wall Clock~ sports man room garage sign gift

Figure out which mustache you’ll grow next with this set of mustache mirror stickers. They’ll be great on that shiny stainless steel fridge.

Manly Mustache Mirror Clings

If the cave is gonna stink, make it stink like bacon!

Bacon Candle - Manly Scented Candles

There’s so much to learn about building and enjoying your man cave. Perhaps this book will help.

Manly, the book

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