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Raise a Toast to the Chicago Cubs

Once again the Cubs didn’t make it to the playoffs. It’s the same old story for us Cubbies. But what we lack in victories we wallow in team pride. So raise a toast to your favorite Cubbie with this special toaster.

Chicago Cubs MLB ProToast Toaster

It’ll knock out more toast than Sammy Sosa‘s bat.

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Vacuum coffee makers are just damn cool

There’s a certain steam-punk aesthetic to vacuum coffee makers. They’ve got loads of glass, fittings, metal, and a why-not attitude. They look great and make a super cup of joe. Here are some cool examples:

Northwest Glass Yama Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot

This is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass and includes a bamboo stir stick and an alcohol burner. This reminds me of something I bought in a Paris flea market. I only got the stand and the bottom part of the pot. It made a cool looking vase.

Northwest Glass Yama Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot, 1-Unit

Northwest Glass Yama Stovetop Coffee Siphon

This one is for the closeted steam punk that wants to play with the glass but not make it too obvious.

Northwest Glass Yama Stovetop Coffee Siphon, 1-Unit

Northwest Glass Yama 20-Ounce Ceramic Base Siphon Vacuum

This one is for the party people out there. It’s bigger, badder, and bolder.

Northwest Glass Yama CNT-5 20-Ounce Ceramic Base Siphon Vacuum, 1-Unit

How does a vacuum coffee pot work?

The CoffeeGeek knows how:

A vacuum coffee maker works on the principle of expansion and contraction of gases – actually one gas, water vapour – is what allows the device to brew a full infusion style of coffee and filter the grounds efficiently, leaving a generally clean, pristine cup.
Using a Siphon Coffee Maker – CoffeeGeek

This video explains the physics behind this great cup of coffee.

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Breakfast is buzzing with this bee shaped honey pot

There’s no mistaking where the honey comes from in this honey pot. It’s not a bear, it’s a honey bee.


You’ll also enjoy these bee shaped salt and pepper shakers.
Bee Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

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Bacon and Eggs bandages

Everyone knows that bacon and eggs make your booboo feel better. Accoutrements has finally released the ultimate bandages for that scrape or cut.

Bacon and Eggs Bandage Assortment (Quantity=2 Tins)

You can’t have eggs and bacon without a little toast on the side.

Toast Bandages

You’ll be the most popular patient at the hospital.

Ugly but useful coffee mug brings caffeine to the arthritis set

There was a time when items designed for people with arthritis and other physical limitations were beige, ugly, and clumsy looking. Then OXO came around and made items great for people with limited mobility as well as the average person. They made assistive chic and sexy.

It’s good to know you can still get the beige and ugly. Take this coffee cup… please! Seriously, the double handles do make it much easier for those with limited movement in their hands to drink coffee.

Arthritis Mug

Maxi-Aids has other items for those with arthritis and other disabilities.

Raise a toast to Mickey Mouse

This may look like your average toaster, but there’s a surprise inside. Insert your favorite bread, push down the plunger, and gather the kids for there will be a gaggle of giggles a few minutes later.

The Pop Art Disney Toaster leaves Mickey, Minnie or other Disney favorites on the toast.

Pop Art Disney Mickey Toaster

If Mickey and Minnie are not your kids favorite, try this princess collection:

Pop Art Disney Princess Toaster

Or the mother of all toasters: Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Toaster - KT5211

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