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Put your money in cheese puffs

Bacon is so 2005! Cheese puffs are what the cool kids are wearing this year. If orange crumbs on the front of your t shirt counts as “wearing”.

Dynomighty Men's Mighty Puffs Mighty Wallet

This wallet is only slightly less tasty than the original cheese puff. It’s made out of thin, tear-proof plastic for long lasting quality. Best of all… no crumbs.

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The Little Macaroni and Cheese Fairy

Mac and cheese is a boring staple that we pile on plates and eat with relish. It can be amazing when made from scratch and filled with fattening cream and real cheese. But most mac and cheese includes neon orange stuff that turns our macaroni into a squishy side.

Turn even the most banal batch of mac and cheese into a magical experience by serving it with this little macaroni and cheese fairy on the table. She’ll sprinkle your plates with that tasty fairy dust that makes your boxed food taste like the most loved dish in the world.

My Little Kitchen Fairies Macaroni & Cheese Fairie

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Make your own fresh mozzarella

I remember the first time I saw someone make fresh mozzarella on television. I think it was the Barefoot Contessa or Martha Stewart who hosted a fabulous dinner with an A-list gay couple in upper state New York.

One of the guys nonchalantly said “honey we are about to make some mozzarella, do you want to join us?”. He then reached into a bowl of cloudy water, pulled out a hunk of white goo, and with a few twists there was a shiny ball of mozzarella.

It was magic. How could it be so easy to create cheese? How could I do that?

How to make fresh Mozzarella

This video shows you what went into making that cloudy water full of squishy gems.

Mozzarella making kits

These kits include everything but the milk to make fresh mozzarella for your next soiree. They include instructions, rennet, thermometers, and other ingredients.

Roaring Brook Dairy Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit

This kit includes more supplies so you can create many batches of mozzarella and ricotta cheese.

Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit

The mozzarella action figure

Pretty soon you’ll be the main mozzarella manufacturer on the block. You may need some protection from the throngs of people at your door. You’ll need to get the Moofia Mozzarella to guard your back.

The Moofia Mozzarella

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The ultimate starter kitchen

This is a great kitchen set for little kids. Sit back and watch them whip up a baked Alaska, blue cheese souffle, and a nice roast.

KidKraft Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen for Children

Watch this video of a MixxMaster Bruce, the accountant, give a tour of his KidKraft Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen on MTV’s Cribs

This raclette grill brings Switzerland to your party

Raclette heatersMost people are familiar with fondue. It’s a great party meal with people sitting around a table dipping goodies into a pot of melted cheese.

But do you know about a raclette?

Raclettes are the lesser known sister to the fondue pot. Instead of dipping goodies into melted cheese, you have a grill that melts the cheese and you combine it with bread, potatoes, meats, cornichons, and more.

Swissmar KF-77081 8-Person Stelvio Raclette Party Grill with Granite Stone

My friends Jean-Pierre and Philippe introduced me to the raclette dinner party. They’d start by serving a green salad with a light dressing while the raclette grill heated up. We’d then start placing a chunk of tasty cheese in one of the grill’s pans and wait for it to melt. You’ll find yourself eating and talking and laughing for hours as you plow through pounds of cheese and stuff.

You’ll find raclette in Swiss fondue restaurants. However, they use a series of irons that melt the cheese and it is served to your table.

If you can’t decide between raclette and fondue, try this combination grill.

Wimmeley RAFO801 3-in-1 8-Person Raclette Party Grill with Fondue Pot

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The Mauviel copper fondue pot brings French elegance to your party

This beautiful fondue pot is from the Mauviel factory in Normandy, France. It’s thick copper construction will heat quickly and keep your fondue at the perfect temperature.

Mauviel Cupretam Pour la Table Tinned Copper Fondue Pot

This stainless steel fondue set by Blomus features top quality construction with a more modern design.

Blomus 67063 Minato Fondue 24 pcs. Set Stainless Steel

Mauviel’s History in France

Mauviel, a French family business established in 1830 and located in the Normandy town of Villedieu-les-Poeles, is the foremost manufacturer of professional copper cookware in the world today. Highly regarded in the professional world, with over 170 years of experience, Mauviel offers several different lines of copper cookware to professional chefs and home cooks that appreciate the benefits of their high quality products.

Professional cooks can attest that copper cookware is an essential part of every cookware collection as it is 2X more conductive than aluminum and 10X more conductive than stainless steel. This advantage makes copper the very best material for cooking, as it is unsurpassed in its ability to heat up evenly and rapidly and to cool down quickly, allowing for maximum control and great cooking results.

CUPRETAM pour la table has a 1.2 to 2mm thickness of copper exterior and is lined with a tin wash interior that, in the opinion of professional chefs creates the ultimate cooking surface. It has straight sides and bronze handles with copper rivets and has a polished or hammered outside finish, not only to enhance their inherent beauty but also to facilitate cleaning. A timeless product, CUPRETAM pour la table embodies the traditional process and professionalism known only to Mauviel.
Mauviel Cupretam Pour la Table Tinned Copper Fondue Pot – Amazon

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