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Lodge Logic’s pre-seasoned cast-iron combo cooker

Lodge Logic has a large line of pre-seasoned cast iron skillets and dutch ovens. This combo cooker has both in one convenient package. The lid can also be used as a skillet.

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Combo Cooker

Cast iron creates superior heat retention, heats evenly, and loves a campfire, unlike flimsier pans. The American-based company Lodge has been fine-tuning its construction of rugged, cast-iron cookware for more than a century. No other metal is as long-lasting and works as well for spreading and retaining heat evenly during cooking.

The Food Network’s Paula Deen knows how to use a cast iron cooker with her recipe for Green Beans with New Potatoes

Remove the ends from the beans. Snap the beans in 2 pieces, place into a colander, wash, and set aside to drain.

Meanwhile, in a large cast iron Dutch oven, lightly brown the salt pork in the bacon grease over medium heat, turning often, for approximately 10 minutes. Toss the green beans into the pot, stirring them with a wooden spoon to coat well with the pork fat. Add the broth and House Seasoning. Cook over medium-low heat, covered tightly, for approximately 30 minutes, or until the beans are half done.

Green Beans with New PotatoesFood Network

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Timo Sarpeneva’s iconic dutch oven

This beautiful dutch oven was designed by Timo Sarpaneva in 1960. The inspiration came  from his blacksmith grandfather. It looks as great on the table as it performs in the oven.

iittala Sarpaneva 3-Quart Cast Iron Casserole with Wooden Handle

Sarpaneva was born in Helsinki and was an important figure in Finnish design. He’s best known for his glass work.

Timo Sarpaneva Collection in the Designmuseo, Helsinki

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Create a purty country kitchen

I’m visiting my sister in North Carolina where a purty country kitchen is not a cliche. It’s not uncommon to find kitchens filled with antiques, Americana, hand made pottery, and references to farm yard animals. These kitchen items will help you bring a bit of country kitchen to even the most urban kitchenettes around the world.

Old Dutch corner shelf

This shelf unit will hold your prized dutch ovens, tea pots, and more in the corner of your kitchen. It’s an efficient use of space and looks great.

Old Dutch 6 level shelf

Stoneware Au Gratin Dish

The thick walls make it perfect for baking and its purty enough to serve on the table.

Sabatier Cannes Stoneware Au Gratin

Drink your sweet tea from these mason jar glasses

You can’t survive a summer in the South without Sweet Tea. These glasses will make you feel like your sipping away on the veranda waiting for the fire flies to arrive.
Libbey Country Jar 16-Ounce Mason Jar Glasses, Set of 12

Nothing says country like outdated technology

This phone looks like it is a relic, but it’s actually a working phone.

Crosley CR91 Country Wall Phone

Fiesta pitcher for your Sweet Tea

This long handled pitcher is the perfect container for your sweet tea. It also comes in a variety of colors for your country kitchen.

Fiesta 448 Handled Carafe

Don’t take my word on what makes a country kitchen purty. Here’s a video from Country Living Magazine.

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Magnetic trivet keeps your table from getting scorched

Imagine you are carrying a large pot of soup to the table. Your hands are full, the pot is boiling hot, and your table is looking up and pleading for you to not burn it again.

These magnetic trivets attach themselves to your pot and will keep it safely away from your table. This smaller one is great for your gravy and frying pans.
Kuhn Rikon Magnetic Trivet, Small

Use this larger version on the dutch oven.

Kuhn Rikon Magnetic Trivet, Large

This set by Alessi features three magnetic trivets that can be combined to create different shapes or used individually for an assortment of hot and steamy pots.
Alessi DB01 Try It Trivet

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Le Creuset heart-shaped ramekins

You know Le Creuset for their hard-working dutch ovens. Those suckers are anything but cute. But did you know Le Creuset also has a softer side?

Le Creuset Stoneware Heart Ramekin Set, Set of 4, Dark Chestnut with Assorted Pastel Colors

These heart-shaped ramekins are perfect for some creme brulee, a sweet soufflé, or whatever else you need for a cute, romantic treat.

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Le Creuset enameled cast-iron Doufeu Oven

Le Creuset cast iron dutch ovens make chefs all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s one of those items that inspire you to try new recipes. Heck I’m a vegetarian and they make me want to bake a chicken.
Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 7-1/4-Quart Oval Doufeu Oven, Cherry

This Doufeu oven is more than your standard dutch oven. The lid has the expected bumps on the inside of the lid to encourage juices to drip back onto the food while baking. The Doufeu also has a recessed section to hold ice cubes during the cooking process. This keeps the juices on the meat instead of the lid.

Here’s the Amazon description

Cook on the stovetop then move food into the oven using this Oven. Ideal for browning and searing in, cooking and re-heating risotto, soups, stew, chowders and for simmering or slow-cooking foods. Secure lid seals in all the moisture and flavor. Move it from stovetop to oven when you’re ready.

Cast iron enameled Dutch Oven retains heat well and is beautiful enough to bring right to the table as you serve. Features sturdy, cast handles on sides so you can lift and carry with ease. Safe to use with metal utensils. Oven-safe to 450 degrees F.

About Le Creuset…Since 1925, artisans have been crafting Le Creuset cookware in the French village of Fresnoy Le Grand. Each piece of Le Creuset cast iron cookware is handcast, polished, double enamel-coated and then fired, resulting in some of the finest quality cookware available. Cast iron is one of the best materials for distributing heat gently and thoroughly and is ideal for induction ranges. The strong enamel coating will not absorb odors or flavors, and is easy to clean. Heavy lids securely seal in moisture and flavor.

Le Creuset cookware comes in a variety of sizes, colors and styles to match any kitchen and cooking preference. So lasting, you’ll pass it on to the next generation of promising cooks
Amazon: Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 7-1/4-Quart Oval Doufeu Oven, Cobalt

Try it with one of these recipes for Osso Buco.

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