Take the work out of cherry pitting with this stoner

Home made cherry preserves are amazingly delicious. But it’s a pain to pit a bushel of cherries. This cherry stoner by Leifheit will automate the job and you’ll be making jam at every opportunity.
Leifheit Cherrymat Cherry Stoner with Container

This Oxo hand held cherry stoner is good for those that only need to pit a few cherries at a time. This is great for preparing your cherry pie.

Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitter

Here’s a great recipe for Sour Cherry Pie by Habeas Brulee

My father planted a sour cherry tree by the side of the house a few years back, and every year he insists that I make him a sour cherry pie. The deal has always been that my brother picks the cherries and I pit and bake the cherries.

The tree has grown enormously in the past year. Sure, when I lived there I used to be able to lean out my bedroom window to pick cherries off the top of the tree, but still, we’ve never had such a yield! My father, my brothers, Dave, and I were all picking and pitting cherries last night, and we had to leave at least half the cherries still on the tree. We’ll do another round of picking next week as the rest ripen. In the meantime, there was a pie, and with the five quarts of cherries and juice left in the pot there will be other sour goodies to come.

(visit the blog for the full recipe)
Sour Cherry Pie – Habeas Brulee

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