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Add Unicorn Flavor to your Cupcakes

Take your cupcakes to the next level with sprinkles straight from the back of a pretty, little unicorn. Both children and adults delight in the sugary goodness from our sparkly ponies.

The reviews for this fabulous product are glowing

It is a unicorn that farts sprinkles…What else need be said?

A must buy for any guy with a princess. 🙂
David Avery – Amazon

Sprinkle joy with the Unicorn rainbow shaker

This sparkle unicorn may inspire you enough to bake a full cake.

Army Man Coffee Cup

This coffee cup is just in time for Veterans Day. Head down to the commissary and grab a cup of Joe with this Army green soldier cup.
Big Mouth Toys Green Army Man Mug

If coffee’s not strong enough, you can always make an extra stop at the Package store.

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Hotdog cooker for the office party

People love to hang around the water cooler and talk about the latest episode of Hoarders. But they’ll also love to hang around this hotdog cooker and discuss the avalanche of baby dolls as they watch their lunch slowly cooks.

Nostalgia Electrics HDR-565 Old-Fashioned Hot-Dog Roller with Griddle

This retro-cool hot dog cooker can handle 8 regular sized wieners or 4 extra big ones. It takes about 20 minutes to go from raw to fab. This is just enough time to move from Hoarders to Intervention.

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Show off your banana hammock in the kitchen

Do you like to show off your banana hammock to friends and family that visit your kitchen? You will with this Hawaiian themed fruit holder.

Prodyne FH-360-P Twin Palms Fruit and Veggie Hammock

These little palm trees will keep your fruit fresh and within easy reach. Before you know it, your guests will be reaching out to grab your fruit for a quick bite.

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Animal House Kitchen Gadgets

Animal House is a line of cute animal related kitchen gadgets that are well made and cute. Replace those boring tools with these and you’ll be smiling every time you open a can with a toucan or slicing pizza with a fish. All of these tools are dishwasher safe and feel as good in your hand as they look.

Toucan the can opener

Animal House Toucan Can Opener

Piranha the pizza cutter

Watch your fingers around this guy!

Animal House Piranha Pizza Cutter

Hang in there monkey peeler

Animal House Monkey Peeler

Whale tail ice cream scooper

Animal House Whale Ice Cream Spade

Birdie vegetable peeler

Animal House Bird Peeler

Angel Fish colander

Boston Warehouse Angelfish Colander

Walrus crumb sweeper

Boston Warehouse Mini-Sweep, Walrus

Hummingbird Apple Corer

Animal House Hummingbird Apple Corer

Swordfish Bread Knife

Animal House Swordfish Bread Knife

Woodpecker Scissors

Animal House Woodpecker Scissors

Porcupine scrubber

Boston Warehouse Scrubber, Porcupine

Bluebird Bottle Opener

Boston Warehouse Bluebird Corkscrew

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Fun kitchen toys for the little chefs in your house

These toys are great for the budding chefs in your home. Mix and match the ingredients, ovens, and tools to create the ultimate kid cuisine.

This Educo workspace is the perfect wood role-playing kitchen for one or more chefs. Included is a see-through door, cupboard or “refrigerator”, cook top, sink and utensil rack. Possible entries include fired eggs, pizza, and many other culinary delights. This 30-piece set includes vegetables, bread, pots, pans, utensils, and salt and pepper.

Educo My Creative Cookery Club

Breakfast time

You’ll need this toaster for breakfast.

Plan Toy Toaster Oven

Here’s the complete English breakfast menu

Plan Toys Plan Toy Breakfast Menu

Tea Time

Toy Tea serving Set

Teatime toy tea bags for children by Haba

Groceries to play with

Plan Toy Food and Beverage Set

children's toy icecream treats

Haba Soft Petit Fours Set of 9 Dessert Toys

children's toy Ravioli set by biofino

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