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Hot tub tea infuser

We all know what happens when you sit in a hot tub. The juices start flowing and the water becomes flavored with winky tink tea. Fred and Friends know this too well and have introduced the greatest tea strainer of all time.

Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser

Mr Tea Infuser has a set of bloomers that will hold your tea safe and sound. Simply drop him in a cup of hot water and watch the juices flow from his pants. Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

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These goldfish make trashday funday

Trash day used to be dull day until these happy sacks came into town. Now these happy little goldfish bring good cheer to the neighborhood. Even the cats love these things.

Gold Fish Trash Bags

The downstream fish will also be happy to know the bags are bio-degradable.

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Don’t Worry, Daddy is in the Fridge

Fridge magnets are windows to your soul. This one says you’ve got some seriously messed up windows that a swimming pool of Windex couldn’t cure.

fridge magnet that says: Kids, mommy's going away for a while, if you get hungry, daddy's in the fridge

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Stupid coffee mugs for an awkward office break

Let’s go rapid-fire through some coffee mugs that could draw stares and potentially a trip to the H.R. department. Perhaps you should leave these at home.

Firemen are apparently very lucky:

Firemen Always Get Their Pussy Novelty Coffee Mug

This mug will remind you to stick with caffeine and leave the crystal meth to the experts:

Face Of Meth Novelty Coffee Mug

Keep it classy Bubba:
Bring Back Blow Jobs Novelty Coffee Mug

I think I’ve seen this once or twice while traveling. I just never thought of drinking out of one; especially when filled with hot brown liquid.

Toilet Mug

Don’t make sweet ol’ Bessie bitch slap you!

Don't Make Me Bitch-Slap You - 14-oz Humorous Coffee Mug

This dirty mug is just gross, yet tempting at the same time.

Dirty Mug

This one is so trite that it is funny.
Duck coffee mug

Grab this cup with the office Chatty Cathy is nearby.

How About a Nice Cup of Shut the F*ck Up? Coffee Mug

Mario was known for doing just about anything that moved.

Mario says I'd hit that coffee mug

The office gift that keeps on giving:

World's worst boss coffee mug

It’s people!

Soylent Green Coffee Mug

Now I need to decide which one to buy first. I’m leaning towards the dirty mug.

Bring on the baking soda, I smell some dispair

This magnet may hit a wee bit close to home in some kitchens. “All the baking soda in the world could not mask the scent of her dispair” is such a lovely sentiment. Shouldn’t you give this magnet to your best friend?

Magnet that says All the baking soda in the world could not mask the scent of her dispair

It’s made by Anne Taintor, the master of happy thoughts.

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Super Gay apron saves the day

Protect yourself from another kitchen disaster with this Super Gay apron. It will protect you from flat souffles, iceberg lettuce, and jello salads. Bring the fabulous back to your BarbQ too!

Super Gay Bib Apron

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