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Titanium makes this the coolest Spork in the world


Do sporks remind you of elementary school cafeterias? A flimsy plastic spoon with forky bits to help you eat canned fruit cocktail? You may have used one to launch a mound of mashed potatoes across the crowded room.

This spork takes your childhood lunch to a new level. It’s made of titanium for Light My Fire by Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall.

Light My Fire Titanium Spork

Before you dismiss this an an over-the-top hipster trend, check out this glowing review.

This product meets my needs exactly. I carry a rather large backpack pretty much anywhere I go. I wanted a single utensil to be useful for nearly any purpose. This is that utensil.

The titanium is nice and strong yet flexible. I chose this material for that very reason. In a portable utensil such as this, I want light weight, flexibility, and longevity. Aluminum is a contender but it fatigues worse than titanium when bent such as might happen tossing a bag around nearly every day in a year, which is a distinct possibility in a bag that is carried daily. I also ordered the Sea To Summit Alpha Light Utensils and they are also an excellent quality item which serves a different purpose equally well (this item is going in my survival kit, it potentially has more uses than the spork). I’m not a climber/packer(unless you count urban packer), yet I do maintain a certain mentality to that effect with certain items I pack such as these. Either would do you well, I merely prefer the single unit spork for everyday usage. I suppose my recommendation would be to get both(types) and find what fits you the best. You can’t really go wrong with either.
Chronic Mashedtater – Amazon.com

Stainless Steel Gourmet Cream Whipper

You may recognize this cream whipper from a trip to Starbucks. It instantly converts cream into whipped cream for your caramel macchiato. But did you ever think about using it for more than just cream?

ISI Brushed Stainless Steel Gourmet Cream Whipper 1 Qt.

Culinary Foam

You can also use this to enter the star-filled world of culinary foam. The Phantom Chef describes a simple way to make a basic recipe: How To Make Culinary Foam.

To start you require juice or stock. This can be home-made or shop bought, but needs to be sieved to ensure that there are no bits. It needs to be as smooth as Leslie Phillips. For the purposes of this example I am going to use Tesco Orange and Banana Juice.

Dissolve a packet (or sheet) gelatin into some warm water. Leave it to dissolve, which should take 3-5 minutes. While this is doing, measure out in a jug the required amount of juice taking into consideration the amount of gelatin used to ensure it can set.

When the gelatin is dissolved, tip it into the juice and stir to ensure that it is mixed evenly into the mixture and leave it to set in the fridge. This should take between 30 and 60 minutes. When it is set and is in a jellied form, take it out of the fridge and get a whisk. Whisk it to break down the firm jelly into a ‘goo’ (I really struggled for a word there, sorry!). Place in the dispenser and fill it up with 3 NO2 chargers. You will need to shake the mixture between charges.
How To Make Culinary Foam

Here’s a video of him making parsnip soup, curried prawns, and coconut foam

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Peugeot Pepper Mills

In the world of Pepper Mills, there are two types to look at. There’s Peugeot’s line of quality pepper mills and then there’s everyone else.

Sure you can find something that grinds pepper for under $20 bucks. But there’s nothing like a Peugeot for the solid heft, smooth grinding, and satisfaction for owning a quality tool. Let’s look at some of their coolest pepper mills

The Italian Restaurant Goliath

This is the one you see in restaurants that is over three feet long. It lets you grind pepper for everyone at the table from a single spot. It’s not only convenient, it looks super cool in your kitchen… if you can find a place for it to fit.
Peugeot 42 inch Paris Classic Pepper Mill

Racing inspired salt and pepper mills

This set reflects Peugeot’s automotive racing heritage. It’s covered with braided steel for extra verve.
Peugeot Tresses Stainless Steel Salt/Pepper Mill Set

Electric Pepper Mill

Do you need an electric pepper mill? Do you need a pepper mill with a light? Oh yes, you do! These are wonderful.

I remember the first time I used one. My friends in Paris were showing off this Christmas gift from one to the other. The light really helps you see how much pepper is being deposited in dark rooms. This is important as it is so fun to use that you may find yourself eating pepper with a side of pasta.

Peugeot Zeli Electric Pepper Mill

The Whole Pepper Shebang

Why stop with a pepper mill? Get this traveling set of pepper and salt mills with corkscrew. It’s all rechargeable, looks cool as hell, and comes with its own suitcase.

Peugeot Elis Rechargeable Electric Set: Pepper Mill, Salt Mill and Corkscrew

Peugeot Pepper History

This is from Amazon

PEUGEOT: France, since 1810. Peugeot mills are renowned by chefs and gourmet cooks the word over for the consistent grind results they produce, their incredible resilience and proven reliability. Compromise is not a word that fits into the Peugeot vocabulary. For each spice, there is one – and only one – Peugeot grinding mechanism: peppercorns; coarse dry salt; chilies; herbs and spices; wet salts; and nutmeg. Add the coffee mechanism, which started it all, and there are seven unique Peugeot mechanisms. Each is designed to derive the most flavor and greatest aroma from its complementary spice.

Aesthetically pleasing, Peugeot mills deliver the height of quality, durability, reliability and innovation; making these mills the ones to which all others are compared. The high quality beech wood used in Peugeot mills is grown, harvested, dried, shaped and finished in France.

For Paris Classic mills, the grind is adjusted by turning the top nut: turn it clockwise (tighten) for a finer grind; counter-clockwise (loosen) for a coarser grind. This mill is equipped with Peugeot’s legendary pepper grinding mechanism. Made of case-hardened steel, it has received additional treatment against wear and corrosion. Its double-row of helix-shaped claws grab and crack each peppercorn, before drawing it down to the teeth for the perfect grind.
Peugeot Paris Classic Pepper Mill

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Your wine wants a fridge of its own

What do you do with a collection of good wine? Do you simply place it in a cabinet and hope for the best? Expensive wine is worth protecting with a specialized wine fridge.

Food and Wine magazine has a primer on what to look for in wine refrigerators:

A basic wine refrigerator is fine for keeping bottles that you plan to drink within a year or two, but for long-term aging, collectors should consider purchasing more-elaborate units. What the investment gets you, among other things: better insulation, which helps maintain the 55 degree temperature and 50 to 70 percent humidity levels ideal for storing wine. (Humidity is just as important as temperature. Too low, and the corks dry out; too high, and mold will grow.) Here are some other variables to consider.
What to Look for in a Wine Fridge

To keep your reds and whites in perfect harmony, consider the Vinotemp 58-Bottle Multi-Zone Wine Cooler. It has different zones for each variety of wine.

Vinotemp VT-WC58GNV-SB 58-Bottle Multi-Zone Wine Cooler with Digital Display

The Summit Under-Counter Dual-Zone Wine Cellar is so fancy that it’s called a cellar instead of a fridge. It fits under your kitchen counter and holds 48 bottles of wine in a perfect environment.
Summit Under-Counter Dual-Zone Wine Cellar - 46 Bottle: Stainless Steel

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Enjoy fresh herbs with AeroGarden

The AeroGarden provides everything herbs need. It’s an automated garden that provides the right combination of light, water, and air to grow fresh herbs year round.

AeroGarden Space-Saver 6 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

The AeroGarden Space-Saver 6 uses NASA-tested aeroponic technology to grow plants in water, nutrients, and air. Aeroponics is a dirt-free growing method in which plant roots are suspended in air within a highly oxygenated growing chamber with 100% humidity. The roots are bathed in ideal levels of nutrients, oxygen, and water, allowing the plants to grow significantly faster, become healthier, and have a higher nutrient content that plants grown in soil.
AeroGarden Space-Saver 6 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit – Amazon

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A Kindle in the Kitchen

Did you get a Kindle for Christmas? It’s time to load it up with some great Cookbooks for your Kindle.

What? You didn’t get one yet? Well, it’s time to get a Kindle Wireless Reading Device .

Kindle Wireless Reading Device