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How to cook with one hand tied behind your back

Sooner or later you will find yourself with out full usability of both hands.  It could be a broken arm, sprained wrist, arthritis, or even a bad cut. For some, this is a more permanent situation. Having the use of only one hand shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the kitchen. The following gadgets make it easy to open bottles, chop veggies, and be the hostest with the mostest… just minus one appendage.

OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper and Bowl

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J.A. Henckels Mezzaluna Makes Mincing Magic

There are lots of methods for cutting up herbs and nuts. You could grab one of those slap-chopping-mushing devices that feature a cup with blades that slam down when you hit the lid. You could pull out your food processor. You could use a good old knife and chopping board. Or you could do it in style with a mezzaluna.

J.A. Henckels 2-Piece Mezzaluna Set

This two-piece mezzaluna by J.A. Henckels will help you mince herbs and nuts cleanly and safely. The curved, double-bladed stainless-steel knife slices and chops as it rocks gently in the bowl of the hardwood cutting board. A two-band brushed-stainless-steel handle gives the super-sharp knife a sure grip and a stylish, contemporary look. Measuring 8 inches square and 1-1/2 inches thick, the wooden board features four rubber feet screwed into the bottom, so it won’t slide around on the table or counter.

J.A. Henckels 2-Piece Mincing Set

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Porsche knives are on the cutting edge

Most people know Porsche for their cars. But did you know they also design products for various companies? These products are loved for attention to detail and revolutionary shapes and ergonomics. This knife is a good example of creating a knife that is exceptionally sharp and comfortable. It also has a distinct Porsche look.

Chroma Type 301 Designed By F.A. Porsche 10 Inch Chef Knife

Cutting with a Chroma Type 301 knife is like driving a Porsche, and for good reason. Designed by Ferdinand A. Porsche (the designer of the Porsche 911) with input from renowned Austrian chef Jörg Wörther, Chroma Type 301 cutlery excels in both performance and looks. Sleek and sexy, each knife looks like one seamless piece, but the blade and handle are actually different types of steel. The blade is crafted of superfine Japanese 301 steel and hand-sharpened into an acutely sharp angle for precision cutting. The handle is made of durable 18/10 stainless steel, triangular in profile and flat-topped for leverage, a totally unique and ergonomic design. Announcing the transition spot between handle and blade is a metal “pearl” that lets the fingers know their position, in place of a bolster. The comfort and control, not to mention the spectacular visual appeal, of a Chroma Type 301 knife have made ardent converts of many chefs worldwide.

Ann Bieri

If you like the type 301, you’ll also be tempted to get the other knives in this set.

Paring Knife

This Chroma Type 301 paring knife features a sharply pointed 3-1/4-inch blade, ideal for peeling fruit, sculpting veggie garnishes, and removing blemishes from potatoes, pears, and avocadoes. Weighty for its size and well-balanced, this knife comes in handy for all sorts of kitchen uses, and will bring you years of pleasure.

Chroma 3-1/4-Inch Paring Knife

Carving fork and knife

Chroma by F. A. Porsche Type 301 Carving Fork and 8-Inch Chef's Knife

The complete knife set

Get the most popular knifes in one package and save some money at the same time. You get 7 knives plus the block. Amazon currently has this at 35% off.

Chroma Type 7-Piece Knife Set with Block

Here’s a short and noisy video that shows you how thin these knives can cut a tomato.

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Chroma Type 301 Designed By F.A. Porsche 10 Inch Chef Knife P01 (Kitchen)

List Price: $119.95 USD
New From: $119.95 USD In Stock
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Chroma 3-1/4-Inch Paring Knife (Kitchen)

List Price: $57.95 USD
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Chroma by F. A. Porsche Type 301 Carving Fork and 8-Inch Chef's Knife (Kitchen)

List Price: $176.91 USD
New From: $176.91 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Chroma Type 7-Piece Knife Set with Block (Kitchen)

List Price: $749.95 USD
New From: $749.95 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Uncork your champagne with this Italian saber

Champagne is THE drink for celebrations. There’s no better way to start the awards than uncorking the bubbly with a swift slice with this Italian made champagne saber.

Del Ben Champagne Saber

The saber makes it pretty easy to uncork. But you’ll want to practice before the big event.

how to use the Saber to open a bottle of champagne

Pretty soon you’ll be sabering your champagne with the best of them.

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Minimalist Knife Magnets Safely Store Your Cutlery

There are lots of knife blocks out there. They can be fun, wood, metal, and very tacky. But the best knife block may not be a block at all.

Eva Solo Knife Magnets Set of 4

The Eva Solo knife magnets set mounts to the wall of your kitchen to keep your knives out of the edge-dulling drawers. They also look sleek and fabulous. It’s made of stainless-steel in Denmark.

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The Giro apple corer creates perfect spirals

This simple cutter will turn an apple into a lovely, cored spiral. At first this may seem rather silly, but the final spiral can easily be cut into the perfect sized chunks for an apple pie or crumble. Or, you could leave the spiral intact for a child’s lunch pail.
Giro Apple Slicer by Mono

It’s easy to use. Simply place the cutter at the top of the apple and begin turning it. Mono’s Giro Apple Slicer by Mono is made in Germany of stainless steel.

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