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Start off the New Year by Eating Cupcakes

Making a resolution to lose weight is soooo boring. Break that pattern by shoving cupcake after cupcake in your mouth on New Years Eve. And make them extra fancy with these cupcake wrappers.

Make them festive with these Happy New Years wrappers by Dress My Cupcake, the leading cupcake decoration makers.

Dress My Cupcake Happy New Year Cupcake Wrappers, Set of 12


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Bongzilla gets 6 people drunk at the same time

There’s nothing worse than having a party where people take their dear sweet time getting completely wasted. Speed up the process with the Bongzilla beer bong. The bikini clad woman is not included.

Bongzilla Beer Bong with 6 Tubes

Simply pour a dozen cans of your cheapest beer in the top, get 6 friends to stand around the pole, and then let it all go, go, go.

It’s a regular bong-apalooza.

Funky chicken cup cakes

Forget fancy cupcakes, these are just silly. Silly and fun. Fun and tasty. Chicken-ey and red.

Starfrit Gourmet 80338-004-0000 Set of Four Reusable Red Silicone Muffin Liners with Suction Cup Feet

What more can be said?

Uncork your champagne with this Italian saber

Champagne is THE drink for celebrations. There’s no better way to start the awards than uncorking the bubbly with a swift slice with this Italian made champagne saber.

Del Ben Champagne Saber

The saber makes it pretty easy to uncork. But you’ll want to practice before the big event.

how to use the Saber to open a bottle of champagne

Pretty soon you’ll be sabering your champagne with the best of them.

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This shot glass is a blast

Fred and Friends keep the party rolling with these Bombs Away shot glasses. You’ll get bombed before you know it.

Fred and Friends Bombs Away Shot Glasses, Set of 2

You can use these glasses to serve H-Bombs.

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It’s margarita time in margarita-ville

It’s cold, tart, and full of booze. After a couple you’ll be feeling no pain. So hit the blend switch on this margarita

Margaritaville  Frozen Concoction Maker

These glasses are perfect to fill and then empty amongst your margarita drinking friends.

Libbey Vina Margarita Glass, Set of 6

Dip and rim those glasses to make them salty and limey.


Here’s a 101 ways to mix that perfect drink.

101 Margaritas cookbook

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