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Breakfast is buzzing with this bee shaped honey pot

There’s no mistaking where the honey comes from in this honey pot. It’s not a bear, it’s a honey bee.


You’ll also enjoy these bee shaped salt and pepper shakers.
Bee Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

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These kissing chihuahuas are spicy

The only thing cuter than a set of salt and pepper shakers shaped like kissing Chihuahuas…

Kissing Chihuahua Dogs Salt and Pepper Shakers

Is a second set of kissing pooches dressed like cowboys.
Aye Chihuahua Cowboy And Cowgirl Salt and Pepper Shakers

These chihuahuas won’t make a mess on your floor, but they may spill a bit on your table.

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Peugeot Pepper Mills

In the world of Pepper Mills, there are two types to look at. There’s Peugeot’s line of quality pepper mills and then there’s everyone else.

Sure you can find something that grinds pepper for under $20 bucks. But there’s nothing like a Peugeot for the solid heft, smooth grinding, and satisfaction for owning a quality tool. Let’s look at some of their coolest pepper mills

The Italian Restaurant Goliath

This is the one you see in restaurants that is over three feet long. It lets you grind pepper for everyone at the table from a single spot. It’s not only convenient, it looks super cool in your kitchen… if you can find a place for it to fit.
Peugeot 42 inch Paris Classic Pepper Mill

Racing inspired salt and pepper mills

This set reflects Peugeot’s automotive racing heritage. It’s covered with braided steel for extra verve.
Peugeot Tresses Stainless Steel Salt/Pepper Mill Set

Electric Pepper Mill

Do you need an electric pepper mill? Do you need a pepper mill with a light? Oh yes, you do! These are wonderful.

I remember the first time I used one. My friends in Paris were showing off this Christmas gift from one to the other. The light really helps you see how much pepper is being deposited in dark rooms. This is important as it is so fun to use that you may find yourself eating pepper with a side of pasta.

Peugeot Zeli Electric Pepper Mill

The Whole Pepper Shebang

Why stop with a pepper mill? Get this traveling set of pepper and salt mills with corkscrew. It’s all rechargeable, looks cool as hell, and comes with its own suitcase.

Peugeot Elis Rechargeable Electric Set: Pepper Mill, Salt Mill and Corkscrew

Peugeot Pepper History

This is from Amazon

PEUGEOT: France, since 1810. Peugeot mills are renowned by chefs and gourmet cooks the word over for the consistent grind results they produce, their incredible resilience and proven reliability. Compromise is not a word that fits into the Peugeot vocabulary. For each spice, there is one – and only one – Peugeot grinding mechanism: peppercorns; coarse dry salt; chilies; herbs and spices; wet salts; and nutmeg. Add the coffee mechanism, which started it all, and there are seven unique Peugeot mechanisms. Each is designed to derive the most flavor and greatest aroma from its complementary spice.

Aesthetically pleasing, Peugeot mills deliver the height of quality, durability, reliability and innovation; making these mills the ones to which all others are compared. The high quality beech wood used in Peugeot mills is grown, harvested, dried, shaped and finished in France.

For Paris Classic mills, the grind is adjusted by turning the top nut: turn it clockwise (tighten) for a finer grind; counter-clockwise (loosen) for a coarser grind. This mill is equipped with Peugeot’s legendary pepper grinding mechanism. Made of case-hardened steel, it has received additional treatment against wear and corrosion. Its double-row of helix-shaped claws grab and crack each peppercorn, before drawing it down to the teeth for the perfect grind.
Peugeot Paris Classic Pepper Mill

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Fiesta Ware makes the world colorful

I remember reading Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin and getting swept into the Fiestaware collecting frenzy of his characters. I imagined the beauty of these simple, colorful, and cheerful dinnerware. It took a couple more years before I bought my first Fiestaware at a thrift store and the hunt began.

Fortunately Fiestaware is now available again. You can get brand new dishes with exciting new colors. While the pieces are new, they retain the cheer of the originals.

Orbital Salt and Pepper Shakers

Fiesta® Salt and Pepper Shakers

Sugar and Cream Coffee Servers

Fiesta® Sugar and Creamer Set

The large teapot in Periwinkle blue

Homer Laughlin China Fiesta Periwinkle Blue Teapot 44 Oz.

This sunflower yellow budvase holds your red rose

Fiesta Sunflower 490 6-Inch Bud Vase

Mix and match place settings

Fiesta 5-Piece Place Setting

This large pitcher will hold lots of refreshing lemonade

Fiesta 484 67-1/4-Ounce Large Disk Pitcher

Here’s a video of the original Fiestaware production

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Legos in the kitchen

Here’s a way to add more fun to your dining. Lego building bricks are ready to add that extra spice to your next dish.

Start with a big glass of refreshing Lego-powered iced tea.
Lego Ice Bricks Tray

Lego Salt and Pepper Shakers

Go for the basic set of white and black containers.

1X1 Salt and  Pepper Shaker

Yanko Design spotlighted this Lego salt and pepper shaker combo that lets you configure how the salt and pepper is combined while shaking. It was designed by Joel Hesselgren
salt/pepper shaker designed by Joel Hesselgren

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