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Celebrate your spare tire with these muffin tops

It’s that time of year when summer thong season is over and your belly starts to grow with winter delights. You could squeeze it in with spanx or let it flow.

These cupcake holders teach you to embrace your lard and share it with your co-workers in a non-sexual harassment sort of way.

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Casabella does one thing with pizzazz

There are two types of gadget collectors. Some follow the Alton Brown school of kitchen gadgets that mock single use tools. Then there are others that embrace objects that do a single task, but do it with style.

Should your Juicy Salif mash potatoes and hull strawberries? Or is it ok for it to sit on your counter looking pretty; waiting for the occasional juicing? Casabella subscribes to this school of thought. They’ve got an assortment of fabulous and specialized gadgets.

Casabella Apple Corer

This bright green apple corer will help you make fast progress through a bushel of apples as you make a pie and quarts of apple butter.
Casabella Apple Corer


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Hot tub tea infuser

We all know what happens when you sit in a hot tub. The juices start flowing and the water becomes flavored with winky tink tea. Fred and Friends know this too well and have introduced the greatest tea strainer of all time.

Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser

Mr Tea Infuser has a set of bloomers that will hold your tea safe and sound. Simply drop him in a cup of hot water and watch the juices flow from his pants. Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

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Funky chicken cup cakes

Forget fancy cupcakes, these are just silly. Silly and fun. Fun and tasty. Chicken-ey and red.

Starfrit Gourmet 80338-004-0000 Set of Four Reusable Red Silicone Muffin Liners with Suction Cup Feet

What more can be said?

This Ice Maker is Like Totally Orbital

Fusionbrands makes great kitchen tools out of silicone. This unique ice tray creates orbital ice cubes. However, its insert also turns it into a wine chiller.
Fusionbrands 8014 Ice Orb Silicone Vertical Ice Cube Tray

  • Make ice and chill, serve, and store foods all with one super efficient tool
  • Makes 21 cubes of ice on its vertical wall and will store up to 51 cubes
  • The inside is airtight and odor free; doubles as a wine bucket or serving vessel; use as a cooler to keep cold foods fresh while serving
  • Great for ice cream or dips; lid can be placed under the orb to catch condensation
  • Easy to clean, the orb is top-rack dishwasher safe

The fusionbrands orbital ice tray can also be used as a wine chiller

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Silicone rolling pin makes rolling out pie crust a piece of cake

Raise your hand in the air, like you just don’t care, if you’ve been frustrated by sticky pie or cookie dough. You know the story, you’re making that perfect cherry pie but the crust ends up looking like a puzzle due to the tiny pieces that stick to your rolling pin.

Fiesta Products Baker's Style Sil-pin Silicone Rolling Pin, Red

I first heard about this rolling pin from an interview with Dorie Greenspan. She discussed her favorite gadgets of the year and this was one of them. You know how great a silpat is, now wrap one around a rolling pin and you’ve got this super-cool Sil-pin.

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