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Titanium makes this the coolest Spork in the world


Do sporks remind you of elementary school cafeterias? A flimsy plastic spoon with forky bits to help you eat canned fruit cocktail? You may have used one to launch a mound of mashed potatoes across the crowded room.

This spork takes your childhood lunch to a new level. It’s made of titanium for Light My Fire by Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall.

Light My Fire Titanium Spork

Before you dismiss this an an over-the-top hipster trend, check out this glowing review.

This product meets my needs exactly. I carry a rather large backpack pretty much anywhere I go. I wanted a single utensil to be useful for nearly any purpose. This is that utensil.

The titanium is nice and strong yet flexible. I chose this material for that very reason. In a portable utensil such as this, I want light weight, flexibility, and longevity. Aluminum is a contender but it fatigues worse than titanium when bent such as might happen tossing a bag around nearly every day in a year, which is a distinct possibility in a bag that is carried daily. I also ordered the Sea To Summit Alpha Light Utensils and they are also an excellent quality item which serves a different purpose equally well (this item is going in my survival kit, it potentially has more uses than the spork). I’m not a climber/packer(unless you count urban packer), yet I do maintain a certain mentality to that effect with certain items I pack such as these. Either would do you well, I merely prefer the single unit spork for everyday usage. I suppose my recommendation would be to get both(types) and find what fits you the best. You can’t really go wrong with either.
Chronic Mashedtater – Amazon.com

Sleek and sexy olive spoon by WMF

There’s more than one way to extract an olive from a jar or dish.

  1. You could grab a toothpick and spear the little ball.
  2. You could pick up the bottle and dump it onto a plate and use your fingers.
  3. You could use a plain old spoon and capture one olive and tons of juice.

Or you could use this fancy olive spoon by WMF.
WMF Bistro Olive Spoon

It’s got a hole to let the juices drain. It’s the perfect size and shape for capturing olives. It’s sleek and sexy and makes you the life of the party. Heck, this olive spoon’s the best thing since tapenade.

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You won’t have to sing about the little choo choo with this baby spoon

You will be giggling as much as your baby when it comes time to eat with this spoon. Not only is it colorful and perfectly sized for baby mouths, it’s got a reservoir that lets you squirt the baby food. It’s the ultimate in fun food.
Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon- Pink
The Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon comes in a variety of colors.

Collect any food that misses the mouth in this equally colorful and fun bowl.
Boon Catch Bowl - Toddler Bowl with Spill Catcher, Blue/Greeen

Try some of these baby food recipes: Baby Food on Insider Food Chicago

Joseph Joseph weighted spoon keeps your kitchen clean

Joseph Joseph has come up with an ingenious idea. Make a spoon that sits back and doesn’t rest it’s gooey, drippy end on the counter.
Joseph Joseph Elevate Solid Spoon

These weighted handles are available on other kitchen tools, such as this spatula:
Joseph Joseph Elevate Slotted Turner

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really, really, really long-handled measuring spoons

I’m not sure why you’d need to stand a foot away from your spice jar. But if you find yourself in this situation reach for this set of long-handled measuring spoons.
Stainless Measuring Spoon 1/4 Tsp. 14 inch handle

These stainless-steel measuring spoons sit on 14 inch handles. That’s a lot distance between you and your salt.

If you like these spoons, you’ll really like the freeloader fork by Archie McPhee

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The Proverbial Silver Spoon

To be born in Wales, not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but, with music in your blood and with poetry in your soul, is a privilege indeed.

Brian Harris

Silver Tea Spoon

This isn’t just a silver spoon. It’s a silver teaspoon. How much grander can life be?

This silver teaspoon by Tulumba is hand-made using a traditional technique called “Kakma”. The silver is 925 fine.

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