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Summer Picnic Basket for the Silverware

It’s summer time and are you ready for the upcoming picnics? You’ll need a blanket, some barbecue goodies, something to keep the ants away, and this cool silverware caddy.

Hand Woven Split Willow Caddy For Picnic and Outdoors - Holds Flatware & Napkins

It’s made out of hand woven split willow and has room for your knives, forks, spoons, and napkins.

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Snoopy Snowballs Make Winter Tasty

It’s that time of year for Charlie Brown’s wimpy tree and for the kids to gather around the kitchen tables squirting fruit juice on shaved ice snow balls. I don’t know about you, but I certainly remember this great little toy. It may not make the best snowball, but it certainly made me happy.

Fundex Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

Get the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine for your kids this winter.

Butter spreader for fresh corn on the cob

How do you butter your corn?

Do you cut slice off with your knife and then try to rub the butter against the corn, watching much of it drip off and miss half the kernels? That’s how I do it.

Others have mastered the art of bread and buttering. You butter some bread, wrap the bread around the corn and rub up and down in a suggestive manner, then finally eat the bread and corn. Or, you could buy a simple butter spreader like this one.

Butter Spreader for Corn

You simply insert a stick of butter into the holder and then wipe the holder against the corn. It keeps your hands clean and more butter gets into the kernels than on your plate.

Fox Run’s Butter Spreader for Corn is affordable at $6.

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Use Lodge’s charcoal chimney starter in your grill

There are two ways to start a grill. The first method involves lots of lighter fluid, a match, singed eyebrows, and somewhat off-tasting food. The other method is boring, safe, and lacks the pyrotechnic flourish that makes a picnic exciting. So, which one are you going to use this summer?

The charcoal chimney starter is what experienced grillers prefer. It’s not as explosive and saves the oohs and ahhs for the food.

Lodge Charcoal Chimney Starter

The chimney starter will prep your grill in about 15 minutes with no lighter fluid. Just place some newspaper in the bottom and then add your briquettes to the top. Light the paper and before you know it the briquettes will be perfectly lit.

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Make your iced tea more flavorful with this infusion pitcher

There are many iced tea pitchers in the kitchen universe. Most are basic containers that provide a sturdy handle, sized to fit the fridge, and do the basic job of holding and pouring your favorite iced tea. But most don’t do anything to make your tea actually taste better.

This pitcher includes a chamber for fruits, herbs, and aromatics that add flavors to your teas as they chill in the fridge.

Fruit Infusion Pitcher

You can also use this with water instead of tea.

This product makes it fun to drink more water. There are so many things you can put in the infuser. Try fresh rosemary, lavender, or cucumber. The possibilities are endless. It also makes a great table decoration. The flavor infusion is just right, not too strong. I really like flavoring my water this way rather than drinking artificial flavorings.

Fun to drink water – Susan J. Krones

Here’s another variation by Bodum. It doesn’t look as dramatic but still gives you the great flavor.

Bodum Ceylon 102-Ounce Iced-Tea Maker and Water Infuser

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It’s margarita time in margarita-ville

It’s cold, tart, and full of booze. After a couple you’ll be feeling no pain. So hit the blend switch on this margarita

Margaritaville  Frozen Concoction Maker

These glasses are perfect to fill and then empty amongst your margarita drinking friends.

Libbey Vina Margarita Glass, Set of 6

Dip and rim those glasses to make them salty and limey.


Here’s a 101 ways to mix that perfect drink.

101 Margaritas cookbook

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