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Animal House Kitchen Gadgets

Animal House is a line of cute animal related kitchen gadgets that are well made and cute. Replace those boring tools with these and you’ll be smiling every time you open a can with a toucan or slicing pizza with a fish. All of these tools are dishwasher safe and feel as good in your hand as they look.

Toucan the can opener

Animal House Toucan Can Opener

Piranha the pizza cutter

Watch your fingers around this guy!

Animal House Piranha Pizza Cutter

Hang in there monkey peeler

Animal House Monkey Peeler

Whale tail ice cream scooper

Animal House Whale Ice Cream Spade

Birdie vegetable peeler

Animal House Bird Peeler

Angel Fish colander

Boston Warehouse Angelfish Colander

Walrus crumb sweeper

Boston Warehouse Mini-Sweep, Walrus

Hummingbird Apple Corer

Animal House Hummingbird Apple Corer

Swordfish Bread Knife

Animal House Swordfish Bread Knife

Woodpecker Scissors

Animal House Woodpecker Scissors

Porcupine scrubber

Boston Warehouse Scrubber, Porcupine

Bluebird Bottle Opener

Boston Warehouse Bluebird Corkscrew

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How to remove corn silk

Most people will pull the husks off an ear of corn and make a cursory attempt to remove any remaining silk (corn hair). If you want to make sure your corn is silk-free, you may want to use this brush.

Corn Desilking Brush

This one is a bit more “corny”.

Clipper Mill Corn Brush

Or, you could skip the brush and go with a simple rubber band.

Silkeezz Corn De-silking Miracle Band, Beats Brushes Hands Down. Same day shipping only $3.99

Here’s the Silkeezz de-silker in action

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Strawberry hullers remove the stem and tough bits

It’s strawberry season and time to start making shortcake, fruit salads, smoothies and more. To do these recipes, you’ll need to remove the strawberry stems. These hullers will make quick work of the task. They range in price, comfort, and kitsch appeal.

There’s no doubt what the Chef’n StemGem Strawberry Huller is going to do. It’s cheery shape and colors turn your strawberry hulling chore into a game.

Chef'n StemGem Strawberry Huller

You’ll appreciate the ergonomics of the OXO huller after your 3rd batch of jam. It may not be as pretty, but it will fit your hand more comfortably.

Oxo Good Grips Strawberry Huller

This huller by R & M is no frills and has a price to match. You can pick one up for less than a cup of coffee.

R and M Strawberry Huller

Use this handy, dandy strawberry slicer to turn that mound of berries into a batch of sliced goodness.

MSC Simply Slice Strawberry Slicer

Strawberry tiramis├╣ recipe

Rosa Jackson has a great recipe that spotlights the flavor of ripe strawberries: Strawberry tiramis├╣.

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Boxed set of chefs knives

High quality knives make all the difference in the world. This set of Shun Classic knives would be a great starter set for the culinary student.

Shun knives are especially sharp due to the angle of the cutting surface. The cutting edge is ground to an angle of 16 degrees, whereas most German knives only use 22 degrees. The Japanese steel also allows the knives to hold their edge longer.

Shun Classic 3-Piece Boxed Flat Set

  • Gift box with 8-inch chef’s knife, 6-inch utility knife, and 3-1/2-inch paring knife
  • VG-10 high-carbon stainless-steel blades with 16 layers of stainless alloy for Damascus clad appearance
  • Stainless-steel end caps and traditional ergonomic offset bolsters
  • Black laminated PakkaWood handles designed for maximum comfort
  • Made in Japan; lifetime warranty

Here’s a great review for these knives.

The best knives I’ve ever owned, bar none. They come with a razor edge and are easy to re-hone with just a few strokes on the Kershaw-Shun steel (well worth purchasing to accompany this set). The damascus pattern and perfectly crafted profile slice through darn near anything (food-like anyway) with ease. I also got a 9″ scalloped slicing knife and sharpening steel to round out the set. The weight and balance are perfect. They are designed for right-handed chefs with a d-shaped handle so if you are a leftie they may not be as comfortable or easy to use.
L.A. Kane – Amazon

Here’s a video describing the Shun Knife experience via Williams Sonoma.

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Arthritic hands will appreciate this jar opener

We’ve all had problems opening jars. Well, maybe not Lou Ferrigno; but the average non-hulk person has problems opening jars.

There are some helpful methods to make it easier. You could put the jar under warm tap water. You can place a rubber band on the edge of the lid to give you more grip. You could hand it to someone else and wait for them to loosen the lid before taking credit for finally releasing it.

While sticky jar lids are annoying, they can be a serious problem for those with arthritis and weak hands. This device from Black & Decker opens just about any jar lid with no effort at all.

Black and Decker Lids Off Deluxe Jar Opener

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A Silpat for the Bar-B-Q keeps delicate food from sticking on the grill

There is a Greek cheese, Haloumi, that can be grilled. It’s a great tasting, firm cheese that you can simply plop onto your grill and let it transform into a soft, melted chunk of salty goodness. Unfortunately, it can also stick to the grill and come out as a charred set of chunks when you try to scrape it free.

This silicon grill mat by Grill Friends will protect Halloumi, fish, and other delicate foods from sticking to your grill. Think of it as a Silpat for your grill.
Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends 11-3/4-by-15-3/4-Inch Silicone Non-Stick Grilling Mat, Black

The GrillMat was designed by Taming the Flame author and creator of www.girlsattheGrill.com, Elizabeth Karmel, with the intention of solving two problems of outdoor grilling–food sticking to the grill and food falling between the grates. The 11 3/4 x 15 3/4 GrillMat is made from a platinum process silicone that is heat safe up to 500 degrees farenheit and is the only 100 % non-stick cooking sheet designed for indirect heat use on the outdoor grill. The GrillMat is to be used with indirect heat (not over an open flame) which is the preferred grilling method for delicate fish and small foods and vegetables. The GrillMat is perforated with small holes to allow fats and juices to drip away from the food and create the distinctive grill flavor.
Elizabeth Karmel’s Grill Friends 11-3/4-by-15-3/4-Inch Silicone Non-Stick Grilling Mat, Black – Amazon

Epicurious.com also has great things to say about this mat

Grilling fish is a little tricky because it often sticks, breaks, and falls through the cooking grate. Fish baskets are one option, but fish often sticks to those as well. A silicone mat prevents sticking; you simply lay it directly on the cooking grates and then lay the food on top of it. This one has perforations, which allow the fish juices to drip down to the heat source at which point they vaporize and flavor the fish as it cooks. Silicone mats can also be used to grill vegetables.

Read More http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/kitchenequipment/essentials/grillingcoolextas#ixzz0hyre7B0S
Grilling Gear: The Ultimate List

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