Top 10 Fun Ideas for Office Gift Exchanges

Does your office have a gift exchange? Are you looking for something a bit more interesting than a bottle of wine or passes to the movie theater? These fun ideas will make your co-workers chuckle and start rumors over who is the secret Santa.

1. Unicorn Corn Holders

Everyone loves Unicorns. But those pointy things coming out of their heads can get a bit unwieldy. Put them to good use by shoving corn cobs on their head.

Gama-Go Uni-Corn Unicorn Shaped Corn Holders

2. Great White Shark Pizza Cutter

Every office has the occasional pizza day. This hungry shark will tear up those pies faster than you can call the HR department for some of these other gift ideas.
 Pizza Shark Pizza Cutter

3. The Angriest Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is perfect for the accounting office’s enforcer. You know her, she’s the one that makes sure your invoices are submitted on time. This coffee mug shows off her inner brute.

Fred and Friends Fisticup Mug features a set of brass knuckles as the handle

4. Jolly Roger Lunch Pail

This lunch pail is perfect for protecting the lunch time Twinkies. Nobody will mess with this pirate’s bounty.

Black jolly roger PIRATE DOME LUNCH BOX skull and crossbones domed lid metal lunchbox collectible collectable

5. Twinkie the Kid

Watercooler conversation:
Sally: So Joe, where have you been hiding your Twinkie lately?
Joe: Well, gee Sally, I’ve been trying to keep my Twinkie put away. Did you see my kid?

Hostess Twinkie Snack Container - Twinkie The Kid, Holds 1 Twinkie

6. Give him a big noisy kiss

Not all office kisses will result in an HR violation. This one could be a real crowd pleaser.

Hershey Kiss Singing Candy Dish

7. Splat Stan coaster

Stan likes to keep the desk clean. Just ignore his guts… and the big pool of blood. Heck, you can cover the carnage with a steaming cup of coffee.

Suck UK Splat Stan Silicone rubber drinks Coaster

8. Sporks!

Is your company downsizing? Does your staff do more with much less? Maybe you should give the gift that says “Your options are limited”. Give them a spork, it’s the single utensil that replaces a spoon, fork, and knife. Just like that intern that has replaced the IT department.

Light My Fire Spork 4-Pack

9. The Firestarter

This is the perfect gift for the person that always has a backup plan for any situation. She’ll adore this fire starter that will save the company picnic, when the boss’s son forgets to bring matches.

Swedish Firesteel - Army Model

10. Typewriter Tea Pot

Last, but certainly not least, the antique typewriter tea pot. How cool is this? It’s the perfect gift for your octogenarian secretary that started working on this beast. It’s also great for the modern office worker that appreciates a bit of whimsy with his afternoon tea. This handmade and painted ceramic teapot is from the Carter Teapottery in Debenham England.

Tony Carter Collectible

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