The greatest espresso machine ever made

What makes a machine the best ever? Is it a hand-crafted machine that echoes the designs of a century ago with the technology of today? Or is it a machine that is built to perform like an AC Cobra.

If your fascinated by a classic Rolls Royce with shiny chrome and soft leather you’ll love the VFA Gold Dome 1930 Espresso Machine. It’s built with Brass for good looks and stainless steel for longevity and easy maintenance.

European Gift G-V2 Vfa Gold Dome 1930 Esspresso Machine

Here’s a video of the VFA factory in Spain.

CoffeeGeek has a different criteria for the perfect espresso machine. The Speedster espresso machineThey look at Ferrari and Cobras for inspiration. The aptly named Speedster is a masterful hand-built machine that takes coffee to a new level.

I even got a chance to pull shots on it, and immediately felt this was a singular moment in my coffee and espresso career (and to put that into perspective, I was at a meeting for the development of the GS/3!). Everything “clicked” – the machine felt comfortable. It steamed exceptionally well. The paddle group put you, as a barista, in direct connection with the machine. It was tight, light, solid, beautiful, industrial, exceptional all at the same time. From that very moment onward, I had it in my mind that, if I ever won a million dollars, I’d make an offer on this machine so I could own my own – and the offer wouldn’t be cheap. After all, van der Westen built only six of these and by 2002, was already saying that was that – there were six and there would be no more.
Speedster Espresso Machine – Coffee Geek

Speedster Espresso Machine Exposed Portafilter Extraction from Mark Prince on Vimeo.

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